About Mr. History Person

Mr. History Person
Mr. History Person is the nom de plume of Fairhaven native Christopher J. Richard. He has been writing about his hometown's history since 1980. In the Fairhaven Advocate he began answering readers' historical questions in a weekly column that ran from 1998 until 2001. He contributed historical feature stories and continued to answer questions in the monthly Navigator magazine from 2001 to 2011.

In 1995, Christopher J. Richard helped create some historical walking tours for Fairhaven's Tourism Committee. The following year he was hired as the Director of Tourism for the town. In that capacity he has written a number of brochures on different aspects of the Fairhaven history. From spring through fall each year he guides historical tours in Fairhaven center, at Fort Phoenix and in Riverside Cemetery.

Write to Mr. History Person at MrHistoryPerson@gmail.com.